Water therapy Tubs

What We Do

At Sunset Spa’s, Inc. we will do an onsite analysis of your home, its water system and current usage. We will study the areas; whether a recreational room, patio or deck to make sure it meets our industry standards and installation specifications. We will question you in detail on your wants and needs so that we can offer you the best spa and system or fire place that fits your personality; whether it be an exercise spa, recreational spa, therapy spa or an efficient fire place, wood stove or pellet stove. We will then offer advice and alternatives that will help you achieve your recreational goals with the best prices available...

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Bathtub for water Exercise

Who We Are

At Sunset Spa’s,Inc.our family orientated staff’s main concern is to offer our New Mexico clientele and Farming ton neighbors the best choices that are available to them to physically and emotionally relax, whether alone or in connecting with your spouse, family and friends. We work hard just like you and know there is nothing more important than the time you take to rest, relax and recharge your batteries after a long day at work. We know how important it is to spend quality time with your family in a friendly relaxed and at times intimate and cozy setting. You can enjoy a temperature controlled bubbly indoor or outdoor spa...

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platinum elite
island spas
south seas spas
garden spas
outdoor and indoor spas

About Us

At Sunset Spas, Inc. we are industry experts on all different models and price points of outdoor and indoor spas, hot tubs, fire places, pellet stoves, and wood stoves. Our quality hot tub vendor Artisan Spas features a wide choice of models and designs: Platinum Elite Spas,Island Spas, Garden Spas, South Sea Spas and Tidal Fit Exercise Spas that offer you the highest quality for your recreational or therapeutic spa investment. Our Spas come complete with the most comprehensive warranties offered today. We have a spa model and budget that will fit into any unique lifestyle and special needs requirement. Your spa should be comfortable and fit your personality perfectly whether it...