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About Us

At Sunset Spas, Inc. we are industry experts on all different models and price points of outdoor and indoor spas, hot tubs, fire places, pellet stoves, and wood stoves. Our quality hot tub vendor Artisan Spas features a wide choice of models and designs: Platinum Elite Spas,Island Spas, Garden Spas, South Sea Spas and Tidal Fit Exercise Spas that offer you the highest quality for your recreational or therapeutic spa investment. Our Spas come complete with the most comprehensive warranties offered today. We have a spa model and budget that will fit into any unique lifestyle and special needs requirement. Your spa should be comfortable and fit your personality perfectly whether it be lounging, socializing,rehabilitation and therapy,or exercising with a swim spa. We also offer a 30-day comfort guarantee allowing you to upgrade to a more advanced model within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. We are always knowledge able about the latest in spa technologies that offer improved performance, efficiency and economy. Our spas come with the most advanced water management systems available today that sanitize the water as you relax and soak. The chemical systems we use make your tub virtually maintenance free. We also understand that education is the easiest way to protect your investment by learning and performing the daily or weekly maintenance checks such as PH levels, and filter cleansing. Please come in, call or send us an email with any concerns that you may have.